Welcome to PAWS Humane Society!

PAWS Humane Society was founded in 1988.  Our mission is to support, promote, and provide for the humane treatment and welfare of animals in Winnebago County and the surrounding areas. We work towards a day when there is a home for every pet and domestic animals are no longer euthanized simply because they have no home.

PAWS is a volunteer organization, supported solely by donations.  Our organization strives to prevent animal suffering.  Domesticated animals, especially cats, are so plentiful that they are not always valued.  We envision a day when everyone understands the importance of controlling pet over-population and does their part to ensure domesticated animals are not suffering or being discarded simply because there is no one to love and care for them.

Organizational Goals:


  1. Provide low cost spay / neuter to reduce pet over-population and it's resulting cruelty
  2. Assist in finding homes for adoptable animals
  3. Provide humane educational materials and programs to the community