Supporting PAWS

Your support helps us to continue to help animals in need. We have several ways to you can donate detailed below.

If you would like to mail in your donation, please send to:

PAWS Humane Society
P.O.Box 7722
Rockford, Illinois 61126

Please visit our sponsors websites:



PLEASE help the animals today with a donation to PAWS Humane Society. Your donation will be used locally to help animals in your community. We operate on the donations of kind people like you who love animals as much as we do. A donation to PAWS Humane Society really goes a long way.

Donate Online

The PAWS General Fund

Monies in this fund will be used to help animals in our area, including funding spay & neuter. It will also help us carry out the mission of PAWS Humane Society by saving animals in our area.

The Daisy Fund

The “Daisy Fund” was recently created by long-time member Dianne Block, in memory of her beloved dog, DAISY, who had been with her for many years. Monies in this fund will be used specifically to help dogs in need.

The Cinnamon Fund

Monies in this fund will be used specifically to help cats in need.

Wish List

We are in need of items for the animals in our care. If you would like to donate any of these items, you may drop them off at the Sonal Puri Family Animal Rescue or the adoption center inside Petco.

You can also visit our Amazon Wishlist online and have it shipped directly to us! 


We, at PAWS Humane Society, have joined Funding Factory as a fundraiser to support our various programs. Funding Factory is a hassle-free recycling program that pays cash for recyclable items to support non-profit organizations.

Recyclable items:

  • Empty Inkjet Cartridges
  • Empty Laser Cartridges

Click here for Qualifying List of products