To be considered for adoption you must:

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Have knowledge and consent of all adults living in your household
  • Have verifiable identification. Be a permanent U.S. citizen

So that we may be assured that the cat you wish to adopt will be best suited for you, your home and lifestyle, and be placed in an environment most compatible with its needs; please provide us with the following information. You will be contacted by a PAWS representative by either phone or email within 1-2 business days after PAWS receives your application.


Are you? EmployedHomemakerStudentRetiredDisabled

Where do you live? HouseApartmentCondoMobile HomeDormOther
Do you? OwnRentLive with ParentsOther

How long have you lived at this address? Less than 2years2-5 years5+ years
Number of adults in household?
How many children?
Age(s) of children?
Does any member of your household have allergies to animals? YesNo
Have you ever applied for or adopted a pet from PAWS? YesNo
Have you ever had to give up or re-home a pet, including bringing an animal to a shelter? YesNo
For what reason?
Does anyone in the home smoke (cigarettes, cigars, electronic cigarettes/vaporizers)? Inside the homeOutsideNo
Why are you interested in adopting this cat? (Select all that apply) Companion for another petGiftCompanionshipAs a mouser
Cats often live longer than 15 years and you can expect to spend approximately $1000 a year to feed, vaccinate, license and provide medical care for just one cat. Are you willing to be responsible for this cat for its entire life? YesNo
Your pet may take a month or more to adjust to its new home, especially if you own other pets. Are you willing to allow for this adjustment period? YesNo
Where will the cat be kept during the day / night? (Check all that apply) Indoors with whole/part house accessOutdoorsCratedBasementGarageOpen PorchScreened PorchSun RoomLocked in RoomBarnCat HouseOther
If other, please describe?

Moist Food
Dry Food
If you own a dog, please explain how it has interacted with cats in the past and how do you plan to introduce them?

1. Pet’s Name
1. Type/Breed of animal
1. Inside or Outside Pet
1. Age
1. Spayed/Neutered YesNo
1. GenderMaleFemale
1. Still have? YesNo
2. Pet’s Name
2. Type/Breed of animal
2. Inside or Outside Pet
2. Age
2. Spayed/Neutered YesNo
2. GenderMaleFemale
2. Still have? YesNo
3. Pet’s Name
3. Type/Breed of animal
3. Inside or Outside Pet
3. Age
3. Spayed/Neutered YesNo
3. GenderMaleFemale
3. Still have? YesNo
If you no longer have the pet(s) above, explain why:
Who is your current veterinarian or vet clinic?
Describe your ideal cat:
Why are you choosing adoption?
Have you ever clipped a cats nails? YesNo
Do you plan to declaw your cat? NoYes(2 Paw)Yes(4 Paw)Maybe in the futureNot Sure
How often do you plan on scooping the litter box?
Under what circumstances might you consider giving up your pet? (Check all that apply) MovingBabyNot Getting Along With Other PetsBehavioral ProblemsChildren Lost InterestToo Time ConsumingSeparation / DivorceCat’s Medical ProblemsPersonal / Family Medical ProblemsAllergiesOther (please explain:)
If yes, explain why?
Does your pet have a current rabies vaccination and county tag (if required)? YesNo
What are your beliefs regarding spaying and neutering?
If you can no longer keep this pet, do you agree to contact PAWS before rehoming? YesNo
If no, why?
How did you hear about PAWS Humane Society? (Check all that apply) TVRadioPet StorePetfinder.comFriendPAWSHS.orgFacebookPAWS NewsletterOther

By submitting this application, I certify that the information I have given is true and accurate. I understand any misrepresentation may result in losing my adoption privileges. I authorize investigation of all information provided in this application. I further understand that PAWS Humane Society has the right to deny my adoption request.